Grand Tonic Hotel Biarritz

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Grand Tonic Hotel Biarritz

Set within the seaside resort of Biarritz, the charming Grand Tonic Hôtel Biarritz is a heaven of peace, offering its guests privacy and relaxation just a few steps from La Grande Plage and the Casino.

With its precious décor and subtle lightning, the intimate hotel restaurant, LMB Biarritz, is an invitation to relax and delight your senses.

Rémy Le Bretton, our celebrity chef, offers a remarkably simple menu where utter creativity meets gastronomy classics. A heavenly symphony of tastes will bewitch both your palate and your eyes. You surely will (and you are most strongly recommended to) give in to the delicious temptations of this cosmopolitan, elegant and refined cuisine.

The lively Basque coast, with its little jewels of San Sébastian and Hondarabia, can be reached in just a few minutes.

Set off on a cultural getaway and discover picturesque, typically Basque villages that will certainly win your heart over.

For sport lovers, some of Europe’s best-rated golf courses are located nearby, with Golf de Biarritz Le Phare set 500 metres from the property. Surf fans, both lifetime and one-time, have been catching waves off the Basque coast for more than 50 years.

No Biarritz overview would be complete without mentioning rugby and the Biarritz Olympique, an iconic top-14 team, but also Basque rural sports, Basque choral music and Basque pelota.

Thalassotherapy is another traditional local activity. No surprise that Biarritz keeps it alive with a variety of thalassotherapy centers set around the hotel.

Empress Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III, liked Biarritz a lot and regularly stayed here with her crown-wearing husband. Russian aristocracy, coming to Biarritz to pay them visit, fell in love with the resort to the point of setting up here an important Russian community.

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